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A few months after his release in 1998, he would be back at it again. While he did get the thrill of being Steven Spielberg for a while, Jackson never got his movie deal.He did have several telephone conversations with an assistant to Terry Semel at Warner Brothers during several weeks in 1993, who encouraged Jackson. “I felt then it would eventually become a fast-growing crime in America. ” As if to fulfill his own prophesy, Jackson ended up scamming some of the famous people on the list he sent to Semel.Just a few calls while in the care of the federal prison system, and Jackson scored all sorts of data on Spielberg and about 100 other Hollywood types. He started by calling the Screen Actors Guild and tricking an operator into sharing the name of the guild’s health care insurance provider.

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The scheme worked for a few months, until Jackson got too greedy yet again—when he tried to steal thousands of dollars from Dean Witter executives, including CEO Charles Fiumeffredo, he set off red flags.

It meant another two years in a federal prison, and finally, he said, “I was put inside a place with barbed wire.” Only then did he temporarily stop posing as America’s elite for his own financial gain; but it was just a temporary hiatus.

But shortly after that, Jackson was moved to another prison where he had no phone privileges, and he lost contact with the movie studio. Many never knew Jackson was the culprit, even though he should have been an obvious suspect, given the typewritten preconfession.

“I didn’t get the movie deal because identity theft wasn’t a major concern . Victims from the Semel letter include Robert and Patricia Stemple, then CEO of General Motors; and CBS’s Lawrence Tisch.

Helpful operators spat back Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and other private information. Then, he would start his “prowl.” “I called up American Express.

The rep asked me for my account number when I gave him my name as Steven Spielberg.

Lawrence Tisch, Arsenio Hall, Tom Cruise, Lew Wasserman, Alan Ladd, and many others. In one breath, he pitches his wife “Princess” and his friends for roles in the movie.

In the next, he describes the coming billion-dollar crisis.

Somehow, the screenwriter had sent Semel a copy of his Social Security number, bank account number, credit card number, and part of his credit report. Semel turned the pages and found dozens of other digital dossiers, all manner of personal data not meant for his eyes belonging to a Who’s Who in Hollywood: Steven Segal, Mel Gibson, Michael Ovitz, Danny De Vito, Sydney Pollack, Leonard Nimoy, and the screenwriter’s favorite, Steven Spielberg. The prisoner understood better than most what was about to happen to our digital world.

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