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Further information on this duty is set out in our document on Garda clearance for employees.

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The maximum sentence is 10 years imprisonment or 14 years if the victim is aged under 17 years.

Aggravated sexual assault is sexual assault involving serious violence or the threat of serious violence.

In common with rape offences, the maximum sentence for aggravated sexual assault is life imprisonment. A person may be charged with rape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault or with one of the specific offences relating to children.

The law in this area changed significantly in 2006 – further information is set out below.

The maximum sentence is five years, ten years if the accused is a person in authority.

A person in authority means: The maximum sentence is greater for a second or subsequent offence.

The precise charge for these offences depends on all the circumstances of the case, the age of the victim and the evidence available.

The current penalties for sex offences in Ireland include: Sex offenders must tell certain prospective employers in Ireland that they have been convicted of such offences.

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