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They are culturally, linguistically and socially distinct from the Parsis, who – although also Zoroastrians – emigrated to the Indian subcontinent from Greater Iran many centuries before the Iranis did.The Parsis and Iranis are considered legally distinct.

The woman said she hadn’t been to any but she had heard about plenty. My family, my uncle, he has a mansion and they have massive parties, sex, everything goes.” The Spaniard told me he had been to crazy parties in Tehran and that as soon as the girls walked in, “se quitaron todo,” they took off everything. “OK, so if dating is technically illegal, what do you tell your parents?

At this point they were all grinning because they must know how misconceived the rest of the world’s vision of life in Iran is. They say, ‘Oh, Americans have sex casually, lets have sex casually times 10.’” Both men agreed. The woman explained, “basically the country is divided into two halves: the supporters of the government and the liberals. And then there’s the private life of the liberals, and it’s very indulgent. They also assured me of the presence of a massive gay underground community in Tehran as well as the prevalence of prostitution. Well, yes, but, “it’s illegal but it’s also political,” the woman said. It’s not that they give a shit about religion, they’re just using it as a political tool to suppress people.” The men nodded in agreement.

Thom Yorke has pretty strong opinions about a lot of things.

Spotify, the UK government, and giving albums away for free are just a few of those, but did you know he's also an advocate for helping men with their sex and marital problems?

I was genuinely shocked, and tried to play it off like I wasn’t such an ignorant American thinking that Persian women were just bundled up virginal victims. While the laws in Iran are extremely stringent for woman, to think of them merely as victims of their government robs them of their agency.

The women are in charge.” “Yeah, modern men are like that right now.

Well, neither did I, until these recent images from the cover of an Iranian book titled مشکلات جنسی و زناشویی در مردان, meaning "Marital and Sexual Problems in Men" surfaced a few days ago.

According to some Iranian Twitter accounts who own the book, it's been around for three years but has just recently found a new life online.

A concentration of their people live in and around the city of Mumbai. Some families have adopted surnames related to their ancestral hometowns in Iran, such as Kermani, Yezdani, Khosravi, Faroodi, and Jafrabadi.

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