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You can still choose to click on a video and it will play, but you won't have to play every single video that you scroll past any more. Aside from some of the more general blocking options (see below), you can actually get really specific and block app invites. You don't need to Block or Unfriend them, just hover over the drop down on one of their posts that appears on your feed and select 'Unfollow'.Everyone has that Facebook friend who basically spams you with requests to join her on Candy Crush Saga. Just go to the 'Blocking' section of Settings and and then 'Block app invites'. Bye bye friend who over-shares every single conversation she ever has with her boyfriend. Bringing a bit of Broadway caché to the team is librettist Craig Lucas (The Dying Gual, Prelude to a Kiss, and the screenplay Longtime Companion) and director Bartlett Sher (Golden Boy, South Pacific, The Light in the Piazza).

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Chat and IM with someone in your area, or you can talk to lots of singles at once in our chat room forum, it's better than a regular chat line.

Set in an industrial English city at the dawn of Internet chat rooms circa 2001, a teenager is accused of murdering a 13-year-old boy he meets online.

Select 'Manage Sections' from the drop down menu, uncheck the things you want to hide and click 'Save'. Go to your profile and click 'About' and then 'Details About You'.

Then, click 'Add a nickname, a birth name…' below 'Other Names' and select the type of name from the drop down menu next to 'Name Type'.

You can control everything that goes on your wall in one simple step.

In Settings, go to 'Timeline and Tagging' and click 'edit' next to 'Review posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline? That way you'll get a notification every time someone tags you in anything and you can decide whether or not it is posted to your timeline.

Have you noticed your data being rinsed or your battery being drained quicker than usual?

Well, that could well be down to the fact Facebook make videos automatically play when you scroll past them on your Timeline.

This is for friends you don't need to stay in close touch with and people on your acquaintances list will rarely show up in your News Feed.

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