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Finally, operator vouchers were left under windshield wiper blades in bowling alley parking lots by a meddling faux marketing plan.

Today an operator is once more a person who answers the phone when you punch zero.

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Speed: speed compliments surprise nicely, in that if you have achieved effective surprise, speed will ensure that the enemy never recovers from the element of surprise. As Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forest described it: “Keep ’em on the (end/flank)!

” Violence of Action: complimenting still the other two, violence of action further continues to destabilize the enemy’s posture, robbing them of the chance to ever effectively overcome the juggernaut of surprise and speed.

There is a constant that exists, though you may disagree ferociously, it remains nonetheless: “no amount of high-speed training and bravado will ever trump the thug behind the door, pointing his AR at the door, and with finger on trigger.” “Well I would throw a banger in there to stun the thug.” Really? Well if that thing from the Movie Alien ever popped out of my thorax, I would put it in a half Nelson and snap its neck. I’m quite sure I have it on good faith with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that nobody knows what the hell they ‘would do’ in a deadly situation until it happens, empty macho chest-thumpers not withstanding.

That’s right, the Chuck Yeager of CQB has a bullet waiting for him; all he has to do is wait long enough, however long that is. I offer the following, not in order of priority, as there can be no hierarchy of principles.

Remember: the more commands the mind has to process during the worst moments of its life, the more likely it can become overwhelmed.

Scared is bad enough; scared and overwhelmed is deadly.

Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is to the effect about 75% (maybe higher) testicles, and then 25% technique.

I don’t like to over complicate things, especially CQB, one of the most absolutely horrifying things a human may ever do.

I have known a team of Delta men who lost their junior and senior team mates to the same goat-poker in the same small room in Iraq. if; “if ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts, we’d all have a very merry Christmas.” I did not know Michael; he was slightly after my time. Then: CQB is not a defensive operation; it is purely an offensive event.

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