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Can anyone just give me a bit of advice on what they like/would like from a 2nd person rather that going solo, would really like to impress my girl friend.

Also someone asked how to guys materbate, well hold the penis with a loose fist and then to move the hand up and down the shaft until orgasm and ejaculation take place.

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I have over the years tried a lot of stuff.have experienced orgasms ranging from relaxing to earth moving.

I have realised I get teh urge to masturbate immediately after my period cycle (When the egg is ready to be realised) and just before the onset of my periods.

I don't know what else to do or what else to use so I could really use someones help. (im a guy) i find that having something to look at helps alot too :-P whether its pictures of naked women or in your case men or going on web cam with your girlfriend or boyfriend can make you orgasm.

to be honest i like the web cam thing alot XD just make sure you keep it legal though make sure your partner is of age and willing never try to force some one into it also if you go to look at pictures of naked ppl to master bait dont go to porn sites search for porn forums, forums are a lot less likely to have virus or other things like that i would list some here for you but i dont think its a good idea on a medical site :-P if you have any questions about girls or guys let me know i know a fair amount of stuff key things i find affect how masturbating gos temp if its cold it will be harder to do lotion always helps ^^ haveing something sexual to look at (if you are a girl and bath and hand held shower head try this) fill the bath up with warm water turn on the shower head and put it on pulse setting if you have it lay in the water and spray your self with the water around your clit and inside of you :-P what ever feels best ^^ if you dont have a hand held shower head turn the tub on and slide your vagina underneath the water (make sure its not to hot )let the water fall on your clit and rub it at the same time ^^ if you use a Super Sharpie marker and stick it up your feels so good!!!

Then I would use that in and out of my hole while I rubbed my clit.

It would have me nearly squirting from such a powerful orgasm. im 13 ( girl) and i masturbate when i first started i thought i was a freak doing it but to be honest its completly normal. other than that, i love to do it while me and my boyfriend are doing it doggy style.

Some of my best experiences are with a massager shower head. I used to lay it on the bottom of the tub so that it's spraying upwards, spread my p***y and moved around letting the spray massage me until I came. You can use them to penetrate or to massage your clit.

If you like the feeling of penetration I used to make a simple mixture of flour and water until it is pliant, but still kind of firm and stuff it into a condom and tie the end closed.

i used to think i was a freak and that no girls masturbated until last year my sorority had a sex toy party to raise money for our chapter and every girl at the party bought a sex toy.

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