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However, myocardial imaging can be challenging because the orientation of the heart can vary between patients and because cardiac motion can cause artifacts.

Long acquisition times have also limited the use of MRI for evaluating myocardial perfusion.


EBCT is noninvasive, easily accessible, and it is low risk for the patient.

The study can be repeated at regular intervals to monitor the progression of the disease or response to treatment.

One type of computed tomography (CT) is cine CT with volume scanning, also known as electron beam CT (EBCT).

This procedure has advanced the visualization of calcium deposits within coronary artery plaques.

uses pulse-reflected ultrasound to examine the functioning heart.

Ultrasound consists of sound waves emitted at a frequency of greater than 20,000 cycles per second.The application of diagnostic ultrasound to the field of cardiology was first shown to be feasible in 1954 by Adler and Hertz, who recorded moving ultrasonic echos from the mitral valve.Since 1954, ultrasonic echos from the heart have reflected abnormalities specific to a wide variety of heart diseases, including valvular, congenital, myocardial, and pericardial diseases.Some exams are resting, breath-held studies that are gated to the cardiac cycle.Placing the data into a cine loop provides the ability to simulate the beating heart.Magnetized protons within a patient are excited by radiofrequency pulses.

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