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Policy Center is aware of each Packet Shaper's catmap version, and if it detects that a Packet Shaper has an older version, it tells that unit to download a new version.

Sites that contain material of adult nature that does not necessarily contain excessive violence, sexual content, or nudity.

Sites that promote or provide opportunity for travel planning, including finding and making travel reservations, sharing of travel experiences (pro or con) vehicle rentals, descriptions of travel destinations, or promotions for hotels/casinos or other travel related accommodations.

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Note that categories periodically change (approximately every 18 months) and your category database will automatically update when this happens.

These changes may not be reflected in the documentation, however.

(catmap) table lists the categories that Packet Shaper can identify and classify in Packet Wise 9.2.

The categories are grouped into 17 types, such as adult related, commerce, communication, and so forth.

Sites with generally non-offensive content but that also have potentially objectionable content such as adult or pornographic material that is not organized so that it can be classified separately.

Sites that explicitly exclude offensive content are not included in this category.

Note that catmaps are not part of a shared configuration.

Policy Center downloads its own category map file, and makes sure the catmap is in sync between Policy Center and Packet Shapers.

It includes visual or written depictions deemed to be of an unusually horrific nature.

These are salacious sites bereft of historical context, educational value or artistic merit created solely to debase, dehumanize or shock.

These sites include very profane or vulgar content and sites that are not appropriate for children.

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