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"The response has exceeded our expectations." Ohlala is basically a cleaned-up version of Peppr, the first app Poppenreiter developed, which provided a platform for independent sex workers to connect with prospective clients.It sparked a frenzy of media interest when it went live last year.

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"Sex workers might do so professionally, but that's the only difference between them and other women who capitalize on their sexuality." Dolinsek welcomes the possibility that an app like Ohlala could improve perceptions of sex work and is also convinced that it could make it safer.

"So long as sex workers are vilified by society, there will be an increased risk of violence," she said.

Research suggests punishing sex workers counterproductive, the group has said.

() The German government wants to toughen how it deals with asylum seekers, but critics and experts say that deportation is often cruel and costly.

"I like to say that Ohlala is halfway between Peppr and Tinder," Poppenreiter said, referring to the hugely popular dating app recently accused by Vanity Fair of fueling a culture of casual sex. And, above all, we've flipped the booking process." Empowering or exploitative?

It's a move that Techcrunch equates with "putting the power back in the hands of the women." Users, or "gentlemen" as Ohlala demurely calls them, register for free and make a pitch, including hourly rate, duration of the date, place and personal preferences."Perpetrators know that no one, not even police in many cases, care about sex workers.An app like this means that johns are registered." For now, Ohlala is geared to the upper tier of the sex trade.This issue made for a heated debate in the Bundestag on Thursday.The city of Duisburg has approved plans to build a designer outlet center on the property where 21 people died in a stampede in 2010."Today they can control their image, set their prices, and sidestep some of the pimps, madams, and other intermediaries who once took a share of the revenue," Wired magazine wrote back in 2011.

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