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I’m not a big clubber anymore even though I hit them up sometimes when I’m chasing tail.Since it’s basically a guarantee at Alexis I don’t need to subject myself to the club scene. The elevators open into heaven with a room looking like something out of the massage parlor scene in Rush Hour 2. Some are taken by customers but most are filled with women. The Indo girls sit in one area, Chinese women in another area, Thai women in another area and ex-Soviet State chicks in yet another corner.He documents his travels here at My Sexpedition, passing on the wisdom he has gained throughout his adventures and experiences in the process.

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Today I’m going to give you my list of the five best sex clubs in the country.

This is based on my opinion as a foreigner who has never spent more than a month in the country straight and doesn’t speak a lick of Bahasa Indonesia.

It looks like a huge hotel but there’s a lot more fun going on inside.

On the ground floor there’s a dance club filled with working girls from around the world and a full spa.

It’s a big building filled with all kinds of entertainment options for men.

There’s the usual club but that only comes alive at night.

Malioboro located on Jalan Gadjah Madah is one of the biggest clubs in the whole city.

Whoever built this place put a lot of care and attention into their work.

If you give in they drop their bikini tops and let you suck their tits and rub their asses while they grind all over your boner.

There are couches in the back filled with women from around the world that you can take to a private room. Locals charge 350,000 Rupiah but Russians are 2,000,000.

Ayam bars refer to bars where most of the girls are prostitutes or hostesses.

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