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You can reach the contact for new complaints or related information. As you place a complaint, you are also required to provide supporting documents, whether it is a cash memo, receipt or agreement.

For list of state commissions, use the search on How to place a consumer complaint? Along with this you also need to give a minimal fee in the form of postal order or demand draft.

Most of the times, fraud buyers ask free sample works from the applicants.

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But if a freelancer takes some precautionary steps before starting to work, they can evade losing money.

Contact Consumer Court/Forum in India: Find below customer care details of Consumer Court/Forum in India, including phone, email and address.

You can detect a scam job post just by reading its description, checking the client details and finally conversing with the prospective buyer.

If you find it suspicious, feel free to report against the particular post and/or the client.

This action by you will help to protect other freelancers from falling into a trap. Every day many new freelancers are joining the global freelancing marketplace.

Some morally deficient people are exploiting the newbie freelancers’ interests with scam job offers which ultimately lead to a frustration for the victim.

Scammers are not only targeting you via emails or lucrative ads, they are also common on Upwork (formerly o Desk), and other freelancing marketplaces.

If you are not cautious, it is easy to fall prey to scams on Upwork or Freelancer. Legitimate buyers would always make their requirements clear in the job description.

If yes, then go for a contract, turn the time tracker ON for the appropriate job and then start working.

When you have a history with a trusted client, you do not necessarily need to continue using their time tracker.

Scammers will get their jobs done by you and then disappear without paying you for your efforts. They will mention the desired units of deliverables, work-hours, budgets and the payment structure.

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