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A great choice for those who want the convenience of cash with the safety and security of a prepaid card.

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A great local credit card should provide the convenience and peace of mind you need, with the perks and rewards you deserve.

With better rates, no hidden fees, and built-in security features, our suite of On Point Visa Enjoy premium reward options, exclusive VIP access, discounts and more.

Say your spouse is sued for damages resulting from a car accident, and the plaintiff comes after a joint bank account or brokerage account.

Tenancy in the entirety means your interest in the account isn't subject to seizure.

Certain restrictions, limitations, and exclusions apply. Certain restrictions, limitations, and exclusions apply. 8 Receive up to $2,500 in coverage for emergency treatment if you become sick or accidentally injured while traveling on a trip purchased entirely on your Visa Signature card.

Certain restrictions, limitations, and exclusions apply. SIGNATURE VISA WITH REWARDS: All terms, including APRs and fees, may change as permitted by law and the On Point Visa Signature Credit Card Agreement.

Now all states must grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and recognize all marriages entered into in other states.

Being the legal spouse of your beloved conveys important rights when it comes to medical decisions, taxes, inheritance and other important legal issues. Unsecured debt When it comes to unsecured debt such as credit card debt, joint accounts come with obligations that many users don't expect.

What will infuriate many joint account holders is to find out that divorce decrees don't eliminate joint debt.

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