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filipinos are no different from any other race or people in the world..all have our quirks etc etc etc...incidently, the practice of eating those animals arent from the filipinos, its from the chinese...filipinos just followed suit...there may be social norms or socially accepted acts that people in this country find OK, but in other parts of the world would be unacceptable...(i hear its ok for straight men to do the deed amongst themselves in muslim countries, but wouldnt be acceptable in other parts of the globe, not unless they were gay that is...) now, give you the reality of dubai...things here arent as what the movie hard here, as anywhere else in the world would, you must have money to move around, unless you were offered a job from the philippines, its best to stay there. indians eat rats..seen it on national geographic..hong kong you can go to restaurants that serves monkey brains...

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But still im pretty hah...a pretty filipina with brain.

TIN..are down right ignorant..where in the hell did you ever come up with the idea that filipinos dont eat dogs and cats?

either you are a rich retarded brat from manila or ur just plain too ignorant to know about whats going on in your own country..been to the summer capital?

oh dogs there..over the country...dogs, marikina they started to eat the (if ur one of those people who have "intel inside...idiot outside" computers, its called janitorfish)...

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The girls on our site enjoy talking about sex and are waiting for you.Anyways, it doesnt matter, i just want to let you know that i wanted to make friends here.So if you will going to insult me and my fellow countryman, come on guys, maybe its better to be nice and get a life. Maybe im not beautiful than what you are seein in my avatar.& have a goooood vacation in Kenya ...having monkkey brain was a feature in national geographic..discovery ran something like that too...i think it was a show about snakes..rice fields..showed insidans cooking field rats and eating them.I dont know where people get these ideas that indians eat rat's or dogs or whatever...i guess it all started with that Indiana Jones movies..."Indiana jones and the temple of doom"..few ignorant people really believe that Indians eat rats..

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