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As for wanting to share some with you, no, I think I’ll keep that stuff between me and my clients … Mainly because we have the opportunity to access sex, whether that be porn or the actual act of sex itself, in a way that we have never had before.

What do you think the most common sexual problem is? The most common issue that people come to see me for is sex and porn addiction. So if thats your most common type of client that you see, do you think sex addiction is on the rise? The creation of the internet certainly started the ball rolling but when smart phones and tablets appeared, this type of addiction sky rocketed.

But if we are looking at the more common sexual problems, I’d say they would be loss of sex drive (which men ca experience just as much as women), erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. People with a sex or porn addiction usually struggle with intimacy in some form, but crave it at the same time. I do see more men, but I think I’m quite unusual in that respect.

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As with lots of other specialist types of therapy, there are lots more in London but not so much in the north east.

If you are having sexual problems, the benefit of seeing a sex therapist, rather than a counsellor, is that we are trained to work specifically with people, and more often couples, who are struggling with sex in some shape or form.

I always imagined they teach people to have better sex by having sex with them …

Well, there are people who have sex with clients in order to help with sexual problems.For a client, it can be quite a difficult thing to discuss if you get the feeling the counsellor isn’t all that comfortable themselves. Care to tell us some of the more bizarre things people do? People who come for sex therapy usually don’t have much in the way of strange sex if that’s what you mean?As sex therapists, we also concentrate on the relationship and how that is affecting or has been affected by the sexual difficulty being experienced. They tend to be very ordinary people who just have a particular problem.They’re called sex surrogates, which is very different to a sex therapist.A sex therapist is a counsellor or therapist who helps people to talk about what problems they are having sexually, to help them either accept or resolve their issues, just like any other counsellor would …You are the first sex therapist I’ve come across in this area, there doesn’t seem to be that many of you about.

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