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A postgraduate student lodged an application for a judicial review on Thursday to challenge such practice, stating that the law requires the Authority to hold a public engagement exercise.

The Authority announced a public consultation on Thursday on the design and operation of the proposed museum.

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But please do not belittle the value of Palace Museum’s relics,” Lam said.

The museum will be supported by a HK$3.5 billion donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

#witha Ph D started as a biweekly Twitter chat and hashtag for graduate students, academics, and anyone else who has or may wish to have Ph D experience.

Update, : Lisa Munro and Kristi Lodge are taking over the Twitter chat! The hashtag was inspired by a Twitter conversation between @From Ph Dto Life (that’s me) and @Chris Humphrey, who runs the website Jobs on Toast.

But Lam refused to respond to the report saying it was not the right occasion to answer such questions at the special meeting.

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“Based on the experience in the past few years for West Kowloon, many friends in the architectural sector told us that they wished some projects could be completed by local architects,” she said.

“For local architects, I wish to hear from Mr Leung about ‘the many local architects’ who have designed a large museum – I hope Mr Leung can share with me.” Leung replied that he will give her some names.

She restated that the piece of land was “free” as the Board has already decided to drop the plan for a Mega Performance Venue there, before the Palace Museum idea came into being.

Respect the relics “It is fine to criticise me or smear me.

For the past three decades, I have been a proactive official, I wished to do things for Hong Kong,” said Lam.

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