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Some, if not all, of the space CGI effects in this movie are lifted from stock CGI frequently used in episodes of the TV series Babylon 5.Primarily used is the Jump Gate spiral, with a ship coming out of it.See full summary » The father of a spoiled rich girl sends her to the Diablo School for Girls, where she immediately incurs the wrath of the diabolical headmistress and finds herself paired with a lesbian ...

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it's everything else: the girls aren't attractive (they range from 3-5 on a scale to 10), the fake sex isn't titillating and the costumes look like someone ripped up a jungle print bed sheet. We watch a tedious 5 minutes of a cavegirl licking another cavegirl's breast, another tedious 5 minutes of cavegirl grinding another cavegirl's face into her lower stomach (it's supposed to be oral sex), more tedious minutes watching a cavegirl jabbing a fake bone under a cavegirl's left butt cheek while said girl lays with her legs open (bone dildo sex I guess).

And worst of all, even the kissing is fake with the girls occasionally touching tongue tips and maybe bumping lips.

Misty and Ruby are a couple who run a lesbian bar in New Jersey when their lives change one night with the arrival of a seductive woman (Anoushka) who bites Misty, thus starting her slow ...

See full summary » Three sexy astronauts crash land on a planet where apes rule.

The violent evolution in mass spectrometry exposed the problems of sample preparation. We know that the best systems of today are only average tomorrow.

Nowadays at our Faculty of Geosciences a wide spectrum of geochemical methods is used in basic and applied geosciences, with special attempt on ICP mass spectrometry and isotope geochemistry. The promoters of Pico Trace behold themselves in this tradition.

Goldschmidt, it is also traditional to enhance the limits of geochemical analysis by the development of special methods and equipment.

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See full summary » Self-absorbed and stressed-out yuppie Robert is so caught up with his thankless office job that he neglects his lovely young wife Doris.

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