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Subtlety is the name of the game on a sleeve showing a pair of plump red female lips about to devour the cherry. Hinder: ' Extreme Behaviour' - They may make completely turgid Nickelback-esque music, but Hinder certainly know how to gain some much-needed attention with their album sleeves.

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The Strokes: ' Is This It' - The New Yorkers' debut in 2001 is in Gigwise's humble opinion one of the greatest covers of all time.

Featuring a female figure (something which has since been contested by some claiming it%u2019s a man) resting a leather glove on her behind, it perfectly complemented the scuzzy, dirty indie music it contained.

On the US version of the album we also get to she her great legs, while a tail of peacock feathers act as a mating call to the listener.

REO Speedwagon: ' Hi Infidelity' - A scantily clad lady applies her make-up while a man, who we can only assume is her lover, puts on a record.

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Just one of a number of controversial albums by the metal outfit. The Cars: ' Candy-O' In 1979, Cars drummer David Robinson came up with the ingenious idea of tempting artist Alberto Vargass out of retirement at the ripe old age of 83.

Amazingly, his first few paintings were turned down by the band's record label Elelktra who insisted on him removing the pubic hair and nipples.

Morrissey: ' Your Arsenal' - The homo-erotic connotations of the cover for ' Your Arsenal' are palpable.

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