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This site is wonderful their rules are very well maintained and enforced, the k-list function is awesome, and the irc chat, so many great people.I recommend this site to the adult people out there because this is an 18 site and they're really good about catching minors so adults don't have to worry as much.With a very big member base, the chance to find good writing partners is good, but it might take some time to find your way around in the community. HOWEVER, I was banned within a few hours and told to Skype a mod who went by Louis. com See, 99% of the house eros staff are from blue moon roleplay.

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I like how the forum are set up, everything is forward and simple with easy text editing tools included which work great for someone like me who couldn't even edit their myspace page.

There is always the added plus that moderators are active and that you can trust that you are playing with people of age. I ended up having my account deleted when it became obvious that staff are very selective about enforcing rules, I was doing things many others do and then all of a sudden I started getting harassed because I have broken some rule. And by rules I mean having more than one request thread, using the wrong kink list.

House Eros is a rather pedestrian site, small and not very active compared to larger sites, limited in scope as most of the writing is heavily kink oriented and not very erotic.

The site is elitist in their own mind without the quality that would make them elite.

I would suggest you at least give the site a try it is a pretty good site and you don't have to rp over email if you would prefer not to.

the site is pretty accommodating when it come to how you want to rp.

Here is a good review for this site~ Invidia1988~I have been on the site for a good long while before getting banned a few weeks back.

I honestly wish I could be able to return and chat with everyone I have come to meet and enjoy being around.

Sometimes the mods don't pay attention but we're all human so i believe that they were busy but for the most part it is great, i do wish i was still on there.

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