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Although Xtreem Conne X is for adults, it's meant to be a clean website, used to connect adults from around the world in a safe environment. Making new friends is easy on Xtreem Conne X; browse through to your local area and view people near you, or create a free account and start chatting with people near you.

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Police officers often pose as minors in chat rooms and readily engage in sexual conversations with other chat room visitors.

The conversation doesn’t seem like a conversation with a child but the posing police officer somewhere in the conversation says he/she is 13 or 14 years old.

I remember some steamy typing when the chatrooms worked (regularly) many years ago. You can also call me Miss Frisky too, which is a name that reloadeddd came up with through our convers... I am all of 5 feet tall (no it wasn't smokes, just never grew i guess). I am going this site as one of my non-Bi girlfriends suggested i need to release a little tension...

I can't share pictures here because of privacy/career concerns.

Serving the Internet community for over two decades, m IRC has evolved into a powerful, reliable and fun piece of technology. Visit our discussion forums where you can discuss m IRC with other users or post questions if you need help.

Xtreem Conne X is a social website that offers free adult chat rooms for people looking to connect and meet new friends online.

Internet crimes are felonies, which carry potential lengthy prison sentences.

They also carry the possibility of lifetime registration as a sex offender, lengthy sex offender treatment, loss of the right to spend time with your children and required lifetime supervision.

The August CHAT-A-THON at PENGY'S PLACE was a success because of -YOU- Friends, old and new, coming to join in the fun!

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